Please don’t come to haunt us, Past for we can’t look in your mirror neither alone nor together without losing our minds. Please don’t taunt us with your evidence or we’ll fall into your sad arms and lie with you forever. Let us have our hope, let us have aspirations for the future, even though … Continue reading Past



Known to many as flying rats, but they’re wrong, the working class of the bird world, the ones that stayed on as brick placed on brick. Not pure and flitting in meadows but surviving amidst the man-made, not what birds should be, eh? Dirty and deformed, the markers of staying on with us, of sticking … Continue reading Pigeons


I saw myself in the distance, I ran and clung onto me, but they came to tear me away from myself. They tried to pry open my hands but they couldn’t. My nails dug deep into my back, mutilated by their scrapes. They pulled at my shoulders, my waist, my hips. They lifted me by … Continue reading Ghouls


She dragged herself along the street, half-empty wine bottle in her hand, she flopped onto a doorstep, grim noises and spit gurgled up from her insides. She embodied life’s fuckedupness. Some kindly citizens made a call but not without judgment. A siren came closer and closer, my heart sank a little more. They took her … Continue reading Fuckedupness

Bad day

Bastards, the lot of them. Not an ounce of compassion between them. I search desperately for a glimmer of tenderness in their blank glassy eyes until I become weary. I retreat back into my shell only to encounter the same empty space where humanity should be. But today is a bad day. First published on … Continue reading Bad day


She let out a deep sigh as she turned the key in the door. The same sigh as always…of exhaustion, of monotony, of melancholy, and of relief. The comforting relief she found in placing her keys on the same little table as every other day. She thought to herself, with that humble optimism that never … Continue reading Sigh